Thursday, August 30, 2012

A homecoming of sorts...

Well, I've got news. Wednesday was my last day at LSUS. Can you believe it?! I barely can. I always sort of knew LSUS was not going to be my last stop. I always want to advance and grow in my job, and honestly that just wasn't an option there. With budget cuts and limited staff, moving forward in my position just wasn't going to happen.

Last year during the Louisiana legislative session, working in higher education was brutal. Without getting into politics, it was incredibly difficult to work in my office. Incredibly. People are very passionate about funding, and retirement and mergers. And people can make things extremely personal,  when it doesn't need to be. I hated it. For various and different reasons. But I'll just say it was not fun going to work those days.

So anywho, I wasn't actively seeking a new job, but I was just keeping my eyes open. I was praying that God would either open a new door, close the door I was currently standing in, and lead me somewhere new if that is what needed to happen.  I think I was pretty patient with the whole situation. I didn't want to force anything or go out of my way to arrange and create something. I wanted God to work. And boy did he.

Next Tuesday I will be the new Director of External Relations at The Community Foundation of North Louisiana! Sound familiar? It should. That is where my first "big girl" job was when I graduated college. Everything happened so quickly and so crazily. And of course nothing in my life is simple.

So I went to lunch with my sweet friend who still works at the Foundation. We have kept in touch, well, because I just love her!  We meet for lunch once a month or so and just catch up. We didn't really talk about jobs and working at all. Two days later she calls and says, would you like a job back at the Community Foundation? Uh, YES! Ironically, I had just opened a brand new box of LSUS business cards. Ha! So I met with the Foundation. But my boss at LSUS was out of town. And I was going on vacation before he got back, so I had to hold my secret! Ah! But we eventually were all back at work and I broke the news.

I couldn't be more excited to be returning to the Community Foundation. I love their mission, their passion. I love the people that work there. I respect them. We share the same values. I will enjoy my work there because I believe in what they do for the community. I am thrilled!!

I am kind of proud of myself for just letting God work out the details. (See how much easier that was Jennifer?!) 

Like I said nothing can be simple. So on my last day at LSUS... we had a press conference, a hurricane shelter opened on campus AND we made a decision to shut down for two days for Hurricane Tropical Storm Isaac 30 minutes before the end of the day. MERCY. I will not miss the madness. I know I am young, but I feel like that craziness ages you tenfold. I know I am only 25, but I need a slower pace. Sounds crazy, I know.

I couldn't be more thrilled to be going home to the Foundation!

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