Saturday, May 8, 2010

Birthday Presents

Birthday presents for boyfriends can be muy tricky. Don’t want to spend to little, don’t want to spend too much. Want it to be sweet but something he actually wants. Nothing too cheesy or too practical, but something he might need. The stipulations are endless, or maybe I just do this to myself…..…oh well.
I like to buy the perfect present. No matter whom I am buying for. I want it to be exactly what they want, which is always easier said than done. So Chris birthday is at the end of May and I had to start brainstorming now! Of course, I turn to Google. Trusty ole Google. I think most problems can be solved with Google. So I Googled “birthday presents for boyfriend” first there was a list of the top 5 things NOT to get him…5- necktie 4- Anything trendy 3- Sunglasses 2- watch 1- Cologne. All these things, while very practical and good, just don’t scream “HAPPY birthday!” The number one gift to give was chocolate chip cookies. I mean, I know he would love that, but come on, even that doesn’t sound that brilliant. After several articles, I’m sad to say I didn’t learn much. (I know everything already!) The articles mostly said, keep it simple and nothing to showy. The good thing is men are not like women. They will usually be appreciative for anything you took time to get them. Men are not nearly as picky so this does relieve a little pressure. So after all that, I still don’t have a gift idea, well maybe one. But I wouldn’t dare tell because Chris does like to be sneaky and read my blog every now and then.

Sorry Chris, you’ll just have to wait! ;)

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