Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Five

Prayer Requests:
1. Nathan- a dear friend who was just over his battle with cancer, has another set back. Some funny spots are on his femur and tailbone and he needs surgery. We don't know results of the biopsy yet though. Lots of prayer that good things will happen!!!!
2. Lindsay and Matt and Patrick- Lindsay and Matt just welcomed their son Patrick into the world 2 weeks ago! He is a precious little boy and I can't wait to meet them!! Currently, Patrick is in the NICU because he has an omphalocele. (look it up) He needs prayer to get strong and healthy and go home with Mom and Dad!
3. Justin and Tracy and Landon- Landon is a new baby boy who is only 2 days old! There were no complications with his birth, but every new family needs prayers!
4. A friend, we'll call her P, is having really troubling times with her son. She is a sweet sweet lady and is really struggling with him and his decisions as he grows up.
5. Our country's leadership- Wow, our country is going through some crazy times!! You and I may not agree with everything (or anything) that is being done, but all of our leaders need prayer and guidance.
Have a blessed Friday!

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