Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Five

1. Sunday is Chris' birthday! My man is getting old! 2-5! I can't wait to give him his present and celebrate with him! He said he hasn't "celebrated" his birthday since he was little! Well this girl lovessss a celebration, so celebrate we will! Of course we will start the weekend with crawfish, then some family time, presents, and who knows what else!
2. I finally got a Mac Book! Actually I got the MacBook Pro. It's one of the first BIG purchases I have made, and have to pay for all on my own. Yikes, no more credit card usage for a while!
3. Memorial Day is Monday, or Sunday? But we are off work Monday. It's nice to have a long weekend but it is important to not forget why we have this day. Many, many soldiers have died protecting our country. It's important to take a moment and remember what they did for us.
4. Pa-paw is in the hospital again. Nothing too serious, just an infection on his incision from the last surgery. But he will have to be there for about 6 days. He is NOT going to be too happy about that! He hates being away from home. He hates being inside. And he hates having nurses tell him what to do and trying to help him all the time. Praying for Papaw.
5. I have mentioned my friend Nathan several times, but he again needs some major prayer warriors. His Leukemia is gone, yay! But the whole time the doctors were treating the Leukemia, they didn't realized he had another cancer present- Ewing’s sarcoma. The doctors told him he is literally one of a kind because no where is it recorded that a person has had these two cancers at the same time. He is a unique fella. But please continue to pray for Nathan and his family. And read his blog; he is amazing.

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