Friday, May 21, 2010

Leaving a Legacy

Today is my birthday. 23 years old. That's twenty-three years. That's 8,395 days old! Whew. I know people older than me will tell me I am crazy, but that feels old! It makes me think, 23 whole years on this Earth, and what have a I done. I have a friend whose blog is titled "Leaving a Legacy." Am I leaving a legacy? Is it to early to have a legacy? How old do you have to be to have a legacy? I don't think you can be too young, so what's mine? I'm open for suggestions here, because I'm really not sure. Maybe I am creating my legacy right now and don't even know it. Maybe all the pieces will fall into place one day and I will realize I was building my legacy all a long. I wish I knew if it was happening. Maybe I would feel more important then. Or maybe I would feel I had more direction in my life.

But 23 years is only the beginning (hopefully, though tomorrow is never promised). I suppose I have lots of time to leave my legacy, or at least start creating it. And quite the opposite of the cliche, it does not feel like yesterday was high school. I feel like it was ages ago! I have changed so much as a person. For better or worse I guess is up for debate, but I'd say mostly better. You know, you were raised to believe certain things, and taught why things are right and why they are wrong. But it is a real revelation when you begin to understand it for yourself. You see for yourself why you as a person, not as a daughter or son believe what you want. Most of the time your parents were right all along (but you never tell them that!) Sometimes you disagreed, and that's ok too.

I don't know what my 23 year legacy is. Hopefully I am makign an impact, and don't even know it! Maybe I will have more to report on next year!

Turning 22!

Turning 21!

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