Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reasons to L.O.V.E May

I love the month of May, for many reasons. I am so excited the month is here! I thought it would never get here, and here it is! So without further ado, reasons I love May...
1.May 21, is my birthday! I love birthdays. Not that I have extravagant parties or anything, I just like a celebration! Chris's birthday is also in May, the 30th to be exact. We are debating a joint par-tay. He really wants no party at all, but I am going to go ahead and say it is for the both of us. I love birthdays.

2. The flower for the month of May is a lily. Technically I believe it is "Lilly of the Valley" but Stargazer Lillies are just as beautiful, but with more color. Lillies can be the most versatile flower coming in all sizes and colors. But they all have that wonderful smell. Chris bought me some beautiful yellow lillies that are planted in a pot on the patio. I love flowers, and lillies.

3. Crawfish. As mentioned in several other blog post, it is crawfish season! I love crawfish.

4. The weather. Anyone who knows me knows I loooooove sunshine! May is the perfect month of weather. Not to hot (well at least not for me) and not too cold. There are still a few cool-ish days throwin in this month, but May is when it really starts to heat up. Cute little dress, sandals (which means pedicures), dinners outside, tan skin, blonde-er hair. Ahhhhh, I love May weather.

5. Baseball season! Ok, ok I know baseball season really starts in April, but you really get into the "swing" (no pun intended) of things in May. College baseball begins the playoffs soon. LSUS is entering playoffs. Hopefully LSU can get its act together and win another one this year. The local Shreveport Captains haven't had a very stellar team in years but it is still fun to go out to the ball park, enjoy a hot dog and the nice weather with friends. I love baseball.

6. Summer time! This word lumps up the previous five things in one. Because summer time is synonymous with crawfish, sun, my birthday, baseball. But summer is the best time of the year, and May is the perfect month to kick off summer time!

7. Weddings. May is also synonymous with weddings showers because May leads to June and July when there is a wedding just about every weekend! My dearest friend from high school is getting married June 12. She has had two showers already and has one more next weekend. I couldn't be more happy for her. And I love seeing all my girls from high school reunited for such a wonderful occasion.
So those are a few of the reasons I love May. What are your reasons to love May?

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