Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall is (finally) in the air!

Fall is definitely in the air! It took it a little while, but I think it has arrived. And I am loving it. It is cooler in the morning, it is breezier durning the day and it is not so unbearable to walk across campus. I feel so old saying that. Aren't old people the only people who like Fall? I always thought that growing up. Young kids like summer and old people like Fall. Guess I'm old. But I digress...the real reason for the Fall post is to show off my Fall flowers!

The first picture has my favorite flowers. These are mums (for the flower illiterate). I love that deep red color! The second picture is my window sill. The middle pot has orangey mums and the two little pots have yellow mums! The third picture is another little yellow mum. I chose to get the mums that have not bloomed yet. Hopefully they will last throughout the fall!

Now I can't wait to set the clock back!

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