Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Five

1. I am so excited about FRIDAY! Especially this Friday! Today is Byrd's homecoming game! Which is exciting enough because I do love my dear high school. BUT before he game I am going to Superior with my best buds from high school! Lauren is coming in from New Orleans, Lindsay is coming over from Ruston, Kelly is temporarily home from Florida, Jac is here, and Brooke is here!! How stinkin exciting is that?!

2. Work....whew, work. I think that is all I can really say about that.

3. Chris has 2, count them TWO, weeks left in mud school!

4. I am back in the Blackberry world!! So happy about that. I will miss the fast browser and quirky, useless games of the iPhone, but if someone else is paying for the Blackberry then I will gladly accept.

5. A good pedicure will do everyone some good. Especially when that tricky oriental lady tricks ya into the "deluxe" package. Eh, what's 10 more bucks? Not much for happy feet :)

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