Monday, October 25, 2010

Girls Trip, sorta...

Last weekend Mom and I went to see Chris on his last weekend in Houston. So it was a girls trip, sorta. We got in Friday night and of course went straight to Papacitos. YUM! Can't go wrong there and since we don't have one in Louisiana, we always go there. Mom and I shared the best fajitas.

Saturday, we got up and went to The Woodlands. Chris and I discovered a great sushi place last time I was down there so we knew that is where lunch had to be. Of course it didn't open until 12, and I knew just how to kill the time- SHOPPING! I found some cute gold flats, which I have been searching for!! And I very cute top that I can wear to work or out with friends. Yay.

Sushi was yummy and after a quick trip to the mall we headed back so we could watch the LSU game! Thankfully, I napped through most of it, because apparently it was nothing to witness. Boo.

We had 5 p.m. reservations for Melting Pot!! I was so excited about this!! Mom had never been, Chris had been once and I have been once a looooong time ago. I was so excited for Mom to get to try this! (I wish Dad could have been there too) The meal was great, and our waiter. But at the end of the evening we all agreed, we should just come for dessert next time. Because dessert by far was THE best part of the meal.

Preparing for our fondue adventure!
Because everyone wheres a smile like this while dipping cheese. She should be on a fondue box.

We. were. stuffed. Miserably. stuffed. Needless to say, we did nothing the rest of the night but hang out and laugh- at each other. Chris is one of the funniest people I know. I am one of the weirdest people I know. And my Mom is one of the most easily entertained people I know. Put us together and there are LOTS of laughs.

After Jason's Deli Sunday morning Mom and I visited Old Town Spring, a really neat little part of the town we used to live in when we lived in Texas. It also just so happened to be Pet Day. Oh.My.Goodness. They had every breed of dog imaginable available for adoption. Most were rescued animals, who of course had some tragic story and you want to take every.single.animal home. I had long had my heart set on a cocker spaniel. I just love those wavy little ears they have. And I like the thought of adopting a pet. I have had to kitties from the pound. But you don't see too many cocker spaniels at the pound in Shreveport. SO when I saw at least 6 little cocker spaniel pups needing a home, I melted.
Meet Donnie:
I neeeeeeed this dog, or one like it. *sigh* One day...

But enough whining, it was a great weekend. AND FOUR days until Chris is home from Houston!!! Yay!!!!

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