Monday, November 22, 2010

Painting with a Twist!

I guess about a year or so ago Shreveport brought a new business to town Panting with a Twist. It is such a fun concept! It has taken this area by storm! There are sell out classes all the time and it is all over Facebook. People with their paintings, their statuses about parties and girls's nights out. It is tons of fun! Some people get all the girls to go. Some convince their boyfriends to go (I have been unsuccessful). And maybe there are a few others like me, that just go to get away and do something fun by myself. Not that I wouldn't mind company but it is nice to just get away and paint. (Never thought I would hear myself say that!)

So here is the first painting I did a couple of months ago, "Scroll Cross":
It is hanging in my living room. I like it less and less. Ha. I want to paint another one to put there.

So recently I painted "Simple Beauty." We started with a plain white canvas. Painted the whole thing black. Then added these gray X's to "add depth." Whatever. I don't speak art, but I do follow directions.
Next we added the "bones" of our flowers. I liked this painting because you can't really mess it up. I mean who is to say "No, that's not how to draw a flower!" Yes, there is a model and a teacher explaining how it should be drawn, but's up to the "artist."

Then fill in your flowers. Mix a little white with a little black and add some accents. Then just a smidgen of black here and there and TA-DA! So here is the finale product:
It is a "simple beauty." If I do say so myself ;)

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  1. Such a amazing paintings its so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.