Thursday, November 18, 2010

Running in the Cold

Tuesday, I took a nice little run after work. I was outside for 29:00 minutes and ran for about 25 of those. I was whoa impressed with myself. I think it was because I was running in the cold. Obviously one would think it is easier to run at 60 degrees versus 90 degrees. But I say 50 degrees is way better than with 60 or 90!

It was refreshing to feel that burn in my lungs. And that weird cold sweat you get. Like your skin is cold and turning red, but you can just barely feel the sweat. And if you stop running for just a second, you feel the heat hit your body. Ahhhh, feels good.

I won't lie I was just a wee-bit (read: a-lot-a-bit) sore on Wednesday. I don't know if sore is the right so much as tight. My hips felt like they were going to pop! But it was so worth it. I ran further without stopping than I have. And I ran a longer amount of time! Without dying! Ha! Can't wait to go for a run after work. Though it is pretty nippy outside today. May have to wear long sleeves this time. So worth it! I WILL be ready for the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans come February! I can do IT!

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