Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nathan Allen George

Nathan Allen George
08.25.88 - 11.06.10
My dear, sweet friend Nathan went to Heaven Saturday. While we are all devastated and sad today, I know he is thrilled to be with his Savior! And that fact alone makes me smile! It will be a tough day today. We have to lay to rest, a once vibrant 22 year old, friend.

We are all so selfish here on Earth. We want Nathan back. We want just a few more hours, minutes, seconds with him. We want to hug his neck once more. We want to encourage him. We want him to encourage us! - He was always good at that. We just want him back. But how selfish is that of us? Terrible! He is with his Heavenly Father. And I know he has had a few talks with the big Man, because after all LSU did BEAT Alabama on Saturday. I know Nathan went straight to work when he got through the gates! Ha!

(He wasn't very modest, can you tell?? But that's what we loved about him. And honestly, if you had a body like that...would you be modest??!)

I hold on to this song so tightly right now. It is one thing that keeps me going. The music with this song is great, but the words are what makes it so amazing. It's called You Hold Me Now by Hillsong:

On that day when I see, All that You have for me
When I see You face to face, There surrounded by Your grace

All my fear is swept away, In the light of your embrace
When Your love is all I need, and forever I am free

Where the streets are made of gold, In Your presence healed and whole
Let the songs of heaven rise to you along

No weeping, no hurt or pain
No suffering You hold me now, You hold me now, You hold me now
No darkness, no sick or lame
No hiding, You hold me now, You hold me now

In this life I will stand, through my joy and my pain
Knowing there's a greater day, there's a hope that never fails

When Your name is lift4ed high and forever praises rise
For the glory of Your name, I'm believing for the day

When the wars and violence cease, all creation lives in peace
Let the songs of heaven rise to you alone

No weeping, no hurt or pain
No suffering You hold me now, You hold me now
No darkness, no sick or lame
No hiding You hold me now, you hold me now

For eternity, all my heart will give
All the glory to Your name

Such amazing words to think about when you think about someone you love has left this Earth. Especially in Nathan's case, because he was hurting and in pain and now he is free of that! He is living the good life in Heaven and I know he is watching over us each and everyday. We have all gained one very special (and good looking) guardian angel.

I could go on and on with encouraging scripture. Encouraging words, phrases and songs. On and on with things to try and make us feel better. But really, we will all be ok. Nathan is so happy right now. And he would never want to see any of us hurt or cry or be sad. We will never forget our sweet Nathan, but he would want us to move past this sad and tragic time to better and happier things. I think we should try to do that for him too. Because truly, everyone knows that is what he would want.

I am so thankful for your life! I am so thankful God allowed our paths to cross. You have been a true blessing as a friend. I loved having you at the house while you pretended to study. And I loved that you at least attempted to make us breakfast in the mornings. I loved that even though you were sick you always put others first. You were very concerned with making sure we were informed about your status. You wanted us to not worry. You were more concerned with Amanda being sick than for yourself. You were more concerned with Jess having surgery than your own transfusion coming up! It was a blessing, a testimony and a great witness to watch your faith in God grow. Your illness was awful. Terrible. Horrible. But, I know God had his hand on you because the witness and testimony you gave to your friends and even complete strangers is incredible. Nathan, you will forever and ever be missed, but never forgotten. Keep watch over us Nate. I know you will. Love you.
Who fishes in gym shorts, no shirt and boots? Oh, only Nathan.

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