Thursday, November 4, 2010

Don't Judge Me!

That's right, don't judge me! After you read this list, you may be tempted, but don't do it!
  • I think going to the grocery store, or Walmart, should count as a workout for the day. Up and down all those isles and dealing with the crazies of the world- definitely should count as a workout. Skip the gym!
  • I think pizza is less fattening when it's cold. Yup. When it's hot you can actually see the grease. When it's cold, you cant. Therefore it must be less fattening.
  • I am getting my master's degree. (Some judge me on that fact alone). But one of the reasons I chose this particular degree NO THESIS! Not that I don't love the program I am in, but let's face it- who wants to write a 20 page paper. Not I. So I chose this degree. And it is way easier.
  • I feel more productive anytime I am not sitting. So to me, lots of shopping = high productivity!
  • I think on-line banking is fabulous. Love not getting those big ole paper statements in the mail. But I can't manage to pay all my bills on-line. Weird, I know. I like getting that bill, writing the check and knowing it is paid. Maybe it's because I have 2 boxes of checks to use...
  • I think makin "to-do" lists can change a person's whole day. Feeling overwhelmed? Make a list. You'll feel better.
  • No, I don't think you should wear white after labor day. I know some say that is so not the case anymore, but it is. And secretly, everyone is still judging you when you wear white. So don't do it.

Don't judge me!

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