Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ahhh, I love Thanksgiving. SO much to be thankful for. I did most of my thanking in my last Friday Five, so I won't do it again. But I am truly thankful for everything in my life. My wonderful family and friends. 

Here's what I did and did not do yesterday...

cook two pumpkin pies
make a gagillion deviled eggs
enjoyed time with my family
loved all the baby presents we got my cousin
enjoyed dinner with Chris's family
LOVE watching the Saints win

take a single picture. Oops.
eat any meat. HA! Not intentionally, I just love all the other stuff too much!!
take a nap- a little bummed about that. 
rub it in Chris's face when the Cowboys lost ;)

Today I throughly enjoyed left overs from Chris's house. I also enjoyed an SVU marathon while waiting on Chris to get done duck hunting. I cleaned up the house a bit to prepare for the Christmas wonderland that will take over soon!! I  did NOT get out in the madness at whatever o'clock this morning. But I did go to Bed Bath and Beyond this afternoon. I have been craving apple cider and I just HAD to have some. I have a Keurig, and just knew there had to be apple cider for the Keurig. I was right and off to BB&B I went. Grabbed my cider, also spot some pillows for $9.99, decided  I need them too and then I was out of there. 

Now back home to finish the Alabama v. Auburn game and then it's Christmas music and decorations time!!!

P.S. The Keurig apple cider is AWESOME!!!! So yummy and the perfect serving size. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!! I mean MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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