Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Five

1. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! YAY! I love Christmas time and all the pretties that go up as decorations around this time. Stockings, the tree (duh), the smell good candles, pretty ornaments, mantel decorations. Ahhhhh, so lovely.

2. First Christmas party of the season was the Staff Senate Holiday Party. It was very nice and a good time for the entire staff to take a break and enjoy the holidays and company. And I won a plant!

3. I discovered last night, gingerbread house decorating is not my calling. Wow. That little icing bag can be tricky.

4. I am ready to complete my Christmas shopping. So much pressure to get everything done! Eek!

5. It was around 40 degrees when I woke up and got dressed this morning. That is cold! And it was even colder earlier this week. But now, when I walked across campus at lunch, I started sweating! I wear the big sweaters and jackets to try and convince myself (or mother nature) that it is DECEMBER, and it should be cold outside. But to no avail, I will be hot when I walk to the car after work in my thick, red, festive sweater...

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