Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Proposal

I am still so excited I can barely contain it! And if you ask Chris, I am not containing myself at all! Haha! He is excited too, but he is a boy.

So The Proposal...
We had plans to go to Natchitoches to see the lights on Sunday. We went last year on the Saturday of the parade and it was CRAZY. There were people everywhere and you could hardly enjoy the lights. We decided to go on a Sunday this year to avoid the madness. Chris was going back to work on Wednesday for two weeks, so I knew if I wanted to go it would have to be that weekend. So we made plans to go and Sunday afternoon, we set off to Natchitoches. Before we left Chris was ironing his shirt - a BUTTON DOWN! For the life of me I could not understand why he was wearing that. Keep in mind I had on a long-sleeve tee and my hair in.a.braid!!! Hence the reason there are no pictures of us that night. Ha! We decided we would eat dinner at Mama's or Papa's on Front Street and then look at the lights. So on our way down I thought I would just call to make sure they are open- they're not. So I started Google-magic. I found The Landing, which turned out to be just fabulous! Of course, Chris had no idea where we were going to eat, he was just going with the flow. He said, "Well I knew we would eat somewhere..." Men. So, The Landing was perfect it had big street lights and colored Christmas lights all inside and just a perfect little setting. Lucky for Chris it turned out to be so perfect. So we ate dinner and went to the car to get my gloves and Chris's coat. Where the ring had been hiding for 3 days! We went to the river front and started walking in front of all the lights. We were chatting and I was taking pictures of the lights. We passed a couple of benches and Chris asked if I wanted to sit down. Of course I said, "No! It's too cold. Let's keep moving to keep warm." I always ruin everything. So we kept walking and taking pictures of the lights. Finally Chris had had enough and just sat on the bench hoping I would follow. I did, eventually. It is all a bit fuzzy after this. Chris and I both agree, we kind of blacked out. The excitement and emotion escalated and we just don't remember the details. And as I sat he told me how much he loved me. Loved me more than anything in the world. And of course I replied "Well me too!" 
Chris: Well I have a question for you." - and made a move to his jacket pocket. 
Jennifer: Shut. up.
Chris: No, I really do have a question. -moves down to one knee- Will you marry me?
Now this is all a blur. I know he asked and I said YES! I guess that's all that matters!

So that's the story. I couldn't even take it all in. I can still barely comprehend that I am making WEDDING plans! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! We hurried back to the car to call everyone and go see both of our parents. Everyone is so excited!

We haven't really picked anything yet. We are getting closer to a date though. It is soooo crazy to have to pick a date that will change your life Chris is gone for two weeks, so I am going to try and do a lot of research and when he gets back he can just agree to everything and we can say we made the decision to together! Ha!

We're getting MARRIED!!!!!!!
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