Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Heart is Bursting!

My heart is literally bursting at the seams!!! There is so much love this Christmas season! I simply adore Christmas. I love opening the door and the house being warm and smelling like Christmas! In case you didn't know, Christmas smells like cinnamon and spice. Close your eyes, think about it, breath in cinnamon and spices.....Ahhhhh- Christmas!! 

Of course the other obvious reason my heart is loving this season, is because of my wonderful fiancĂ©!! Eeeekkkk! It is so weird to say that word. Ha! But, he truly does make me happy! 

Beyond Christmas and my soon-to-be hubby, it seems everyone around me has something to celebrate! I don't know if they want me to air all their business on here, but I am just too excited for them! I will use a little code when discussing them though. 

C- She is making big decisions in her life right now. She graduated with the dream of medical school, and while that dream didn't work out she has a new goal in sites- opthalmology school. She took her whatever test and of course passed with flying colors. She now has TWO interviews- one in Houston and one in Memphis. I couldn't be more excited for her!

J- She had a surgery in October and has been quarantined to her house ever since. Well, she is back in action, sorta. She is now allowed out of the house! And soon enough she will be walking without crutches! I can't wait for her to be at 100%, but for now I am glad she is able to get out and enjoy herself! 

A- She graduates this month and recently had a teaching interview! She's not sure if she wants to get her Master's but for now she is happy with getting interviews! She is still making her decisions on what she wants to do, but I am so excited she has a job opportunity and something to look forward to in the future!

I thank God for blessing me and blessing my friends' lives. We are so fortunate.

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