Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Unwrapped

Christmas has come and gone and I must say it was fabulous. Santa was good to everyone in the family. 
First we had Christmas with the Walkers:

Then Christmas at Nene's. We ate and ate and ate at Nene's. We took a tour of the land and the lake, opened presents and shot fireworks. And then the next day we had Christmas at Grammy's. 

This was my last year to get my stocking at Grammy's since I will be a married woman next Christmas!!! A bittersweet moment. 

Dad got all sorts of hunting stuff.
Mom got an iPad:

I got a Sonicare toothbrush!:

Chris got a new gun!:

 Oh, and did I mention my brother got the cutest puppy ever?! Meet Gauge.

We finished finished Christmas off by heading to the Independence Bowl. We had a blast eating and hanging out with family and friends. 

 I got a new idea for the wedding too... ;)

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