Monday, April 18, 2011

Checking in... and out.

I know I have seriously been slacking with the blog. So I am checking in, quickly. I have been sailing rough waters at work and have become very discouraged lately. Things are better this week, but it was gloomy for a bit.

Can I just say that gathering addresses, may quite possibly be the most annoying wedding task. Geez. That has also consumed the last week.

And school, well I am just about over that. Sure Spring Break is next week, but I swear they only give you that week "off" so you can go a head and complete the 30 page paper for one class, or the learning portfolio and final project for the other.

And then there is the gym. I get tired just saying the word. I do enjoy working out, I really do. And I enjoy being with the people I work out with. I have a super fun new trainer who is so sweet, and very helpful that I work out with twice a week. And I go to an ab class twice a week. I love working out and getting in shape, not just for the wedding, but just to feel better about myself. But working all day and going to the gym is exhausting. I leave straight from work head straight to the gym, and work out there until 6 or so. Make it home, eat dinner and then....a nap? Oh heck no. Then there is homework, papers to write, books to read, invitation list to complete, clothes to wash, clothes to fold, emails to write, the list is never ending. And if you don't do it Monday night, it is all there Tuesday night. And if I can just put it off until Wednesday, well then Chris is home and I will never get anything done because I want to savor every moment with him until he has to leave, again.

Ahhhhh, well I feel better now. I am sure you are bored to tears to listen to me gripe, but it's my blog :)

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