Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I love a good countdown. It's something to look forward to. The anticipation is killing me and I just can't wait until every, single one of these days arrive! And these days I have quite a few started!

17 days- until final papers are due for school!
25 days- until my first shower!
26 days- until my bridal pictures!
32 days- until my birthday!
33 days- until GRADUATION!
39 days- until my other wedding shower!
41 days- until Chris' birthday!
100 days- until my accountablity group wedding get-together!
101 days- until my bridal luncheon!
102 days- until I marry the love of my life!
103 days- from sitting on the beach as a married woman!

When I look at things this way, I certainly do not have much to complain about!

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