Thursday, April 21, 2011


So this is how crazy my brain has been lately...

I go to pick up my graduation invitation. (Back story- Mom was out of town, and I asked her if I even needed to get invitations. She didn't reply quick enough so I just bought 15, just in case. When she does write back, she says Nah, I don't need any.) So I go to the bookstore to pick up the 15 invitations I ordered needlessly.

The worker pulls one out and says, "Just look this over one last time and make sure everything is spelled correctly." I begin to read, "... Jennifer Beth Cook will receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services Administration..." It had already been a long day, so I just sighed and said, "Um, this is suppose to say Master's degree. I am getting a Master of Science degree in Human Services Administration." The worker said "Oh no," and pulled out the order form that I filled out, and said "Um, ma'am it says Bachelor on here."

So yup, while filling out the form of what to print on my invitation, I actually wrote "Bachelor of Science" degree. Sheesh, where is my mind?!

I could blame someone else and say, why didn't anyone in the bookstore realize LSUS doesn't even have a Bachelor of Science in HSA, but whatever. No, I am just ridiculously out of my mind right now.

So Mom, we won't have any graduation invitation and I am out 20 bucks.

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