Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Media and PR- Huh?

Yes, I am the Director for Media and Public Relations at LSU Shreveport. But to many people that means nothing. They are certain I must do something all day, but never know quite what that entails. And a lot of days, I don't know what I will be doing either. But I am ok with that, because I know I will never be bored. As type A and OCD as I am, I always find it odd that I am ok with not knowing exactly what the day entails. Interesting.

Anywho, I found this article floating around on Twitter, because yes, it is in my job description to be on Twitter- all day.

It really describes my job perfectly, and humorously. If you have time, read the comments on the article too. They are too funny and also add a lot to the list. Most of them are true. A couple of my favorite comments:
  • You can't help but edit your [future] husbands' angry emails [or really anything that he says] to a client so he 'takes the high road'
  • You tell your family/friends how stories on the radio (tv, newspaper, etc.) got placed.
  • Much like a CIA operative, your friends and family will never know what you really do
  • You become an "expert" about the most random topics: from EMRs and wind turbines to property maintenance and meat processing. - For me it seems I am a weather expert now. Anytime we have bad weather in the area, people begin to ask me if we are going to shut down.
  • And this is my Ultimate favorite: You can power walk in 5 inch heels with your laptop bag and checking your BlackBerry

Hope you enjoyed that and maybe even learned a little something!

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