Friday, August 26, 2011

Date Night!

My sweet hubby is finally home after being gone 14 days!! That's a loooooong time in the newlywed world! It was really sad when people would ask me how married life is, and I didn't really have an answer because we were only together for 4 days until he went back to work!

But he is back and it is great! Sometimes when he is gone it slips my mind how funny and fabulous he really is. It is so great that we can just laugh and laugh and act ridiculous together now, because we are MARRIED! Eeeeeek!

While Chris was gone, I asked him if he would take me on a date when he got back. Of course he said yes, duh. And then he said he already had a place in mind! Woot! And of course I got him to tell me yesterday where we were going. (That boy can't keep a secret from me if his life depended on it!!! Hence the reason we got engaged 3 weeks before he planned and only 4 days after he bough the ring! Haha!)

Anywho, we are going to Superior Steakhouse tonight! Whoop! Probably just because Chris wants a good steak. But that's ok because I could eat the au gratin potatoes for days. And they actually have really good fish. I knew date night was going to be somewhere nice, but not that nice. I asked him why there. And he said, "Because it is date night! And because it is almost our one month anniversary." Too sweet <3

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