Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lingerie Shower

After the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, I got together with the girls one last time for a Lingerie Shower. We really did have a blast and got some good treats!

Modeling my gift from Hannah. Haha!
We played a hilarious game of "ask Chris a question about Jennifer and try to guess his answer." Wow, sometimes I wonder about that kid. Example questions:

Q: Jennifer's favorite movie? A: The Little Mermaid
I do love Ariel, but really? 

Q: Jennifer's dream vacation? A: Haiti
Bless his heart. He meant TAHITI. While on the plane to the honeymoon, I asked him and explained the difference. His response, "Ohhh, yeah that's what I meant." 

Q: What is Jennifer's favorite food? A: (exact spelling) carrot souflay
The funniest part about this is the spelling. And while carrot soufflĂ© is yummy, I wouldn't say it is my favorite food. 

Q: Who is Jennifer's dream celebrity? A: Eric Church
Really? Of all celebrities, he comes up with Eric Church? Ryan Reynolds? Ben Afflect? Ryan Gossling? Come on Chris!

There were several questions, but those were the best, worst answers. Gotta love him. 

One minute to make a wedding dress! The winners!
A good effort.
Close second.
Sweet treats.
We had a lot of fun and it was a good way to calm down for the night and get ready for tomorrow!

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