Sunday, January 22, 2012


I was listening to KLove during lunch today and Amanda Caroll was talking about a new blog she found by Glennon - Momastery.

In her "About Me" section Glennon talks about her struggles in life and how life is Brutiful...Brutal and Beautiful. She wraps it up with the following:
When it comes to God and faith and religion, I have some hunches…but I only know two things to be true-
1. I am God’s beloved child.
2. So is everyone else.
That really got me thinking....

I, me, Jennifer, am God's, the Creator's, the Almighty's, beloved child. I am confident I knew this fact already. So the kicker of all this is - And so is everyone else. Now THAT had me thinking.

So that means:
  • that person who cut you off this morning in traffic;
  • that personwho cheats on you;
  • that person who got the promotion at work;
  • that person who made a better grade;
  • that homeless person;
  • that drug addict;
  • that down-right-rude person next to you in line...
are ALL God's beloved children. ALL of them!! And you/I/we are commanded to love them!

Well that hit me square between the eyes!

We are all God's children. No one is any better or any worse than me. I am a child of God and I will love my neighbor (no matter what!)

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  1. I totally was listening to this also on the radio. When she said, "Brutiful" it struck me hard also, and made me seriously realize that none of us are any different...all children of the Lord God Almighty....we HAVE to except everyone for what they are and realize it'll be OKAY.,,,and LOVE them no matter what :) Good post my dear. Love you oodles!