Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dallas in 24 Hours

Chris and I traveled to Dallas, Texas this weekend for a quick getaway! We had plans with friends on Saturday night, so I took off Friday so we could make it back in time.

So we left Saturday morning, made a quick stop at the original Southernmaid, and then headed straight for the Allen outlet mall! We did some damage there but we got some greats deals. We were there in the middle of a day on a weekday, so it wasn't crowded and the weather was perfect. It was so nice to just stroll around to all the stores.

Then we ate lunch at P. F. Changs. YUM! We had crab wontons for an appetizer and then I got the famous lettuce wraps! So delicious.

Then we went to the Cabelas outlet. Woo. Less than thrilling for me, but Chris enjoyed looking at the guns and he even found a Colombia shirt on sale.

Then we made the trek into downtown to the hotel. Traffic was crazy. But there was no wrecks or anything, just a zillion cars!! Driving like idiots!

We made it to the hotel- Hotel Zaza. It was very pretty. I booked it mainly because I liked the name of it. Haha. And it was a steal bc I booked the night before we left and it was within walking distance of the American Airline Center.

Well Hotel Zaza was quite an experience. Apparently, Zaza is quite a fancy place. We were told upon arrival there was a DJ in the restaurant until 2 am. Well I'm thinking some cheesy restaurant and a DJ that no one will go see. Well, I was wrong. After the game in turned into a full on club. It was hysterical. Chris and I walked in and stuck out like sore thumbs. Let's just say, we were not dressed like Dallas' finest like everyone else. We just laughed though. We are SO glad we do not have to dress to impress ANYone!!

But before Club Zaza (I actually thing it was called Dragonfly), we went to the Mavs game! It was so fun! We walked through Uptown to get to the game, and it was PERFECT weather for our walk. We got to the game a little early, found our seats got some nachos. And Then the Mavs won! Yeah! It was a really fun game! I do believe I spotted Khloe Kardashian at the game and apparently Leann Rhimes was there, but I didn't see her. After the game we walked home. It was a great evening!

And this morning I found out the Mavs put 2 of the pictures I tweeted on there fan photo page on their website! One of the pregame court and another of Chris and I after the game! Pretty cool!

Here is a photo dump of the 24 hours:

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