Saturday, January 7, 2012


So since I have been a wee bit behind on everything, I need to do a quick update on everything.

The House: We are still waiting on our pre-construction meeting. We have made all our changes and we are just waiting. Of course this is the beginning of the rainy season, so that is not good for pouring streets and foundation. Boo. We are praaaaaying for some dry days so the area can 1) dry out and 2) they can pour cement.

The Job: Well, the job is still a job. And right now, I am thankful to have a job at all. 

The Hubs: Hubby is doing well. He worked like a mad man in November, so when December rolled around he got to do a lot of filling in for field techs. I know, field tech means nothing to me either. Actually, what it does mean is he gets to come home every night. WAHOO! But that was just temporary and now it is back to the rig every 7 days.

Running: Just not happening right now, but I WILL be starting back soon! Soon soon!

I am half way through my provisional year of Junior League. Not sure if I have mentioned that. I am really enjoying it so far. Love getting to meet some many other ladies in the community and volunteering at various events. Our big spring provisional project is in February. We are going to a local elementary school to teach them about healthy lifestyles!

A new organization I am a part of, Public Relations Association Louisiana Northwest (PRAL), is coming along quite nicely. There was no professional PR organization in the area and now there is! Woot! I am a board member and it has been a really fun experience watching the organization grow.

Our Sunday School class, B Group, no, AGroup is coming together quite nicely. The church started new groups in August and I am really liking our group. We had a Christmas party that was tons of fun! We have had a couple of other social get togethers. It is just really nice to be able out hang out with new friends. Christian friends. I am loving where this is headed.

And teaching. Well right now, we are on semester break. And I am loving my break. Unfortunately school starts in 2 weeks. And I haven't done much for the class. It is really difficult to put together a from the ground up- especially on a new topic like "New Media." Sheesh, I am still trying to learn the topic.

Anywho, I think that pretty much brings things up to speed. 

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