Monday, January 9, 2012


So before Chris and I moved in with my parents, while the house is being built, I was literally 2 minutes from work. I believe the exact milage was 1.7 miles. I was so spoiled. Just minutes away to run home at lunch or sleep late in the mornings.

Those days are over.

Now that we are out here with the parentals, I am about 10 minutes away from work. Which is really nothing to whine about, but it is still further.

Then I got to thinkin, when the new house is built my commute is going to be like 30 minutes. So then I got to thinkin, what could I do with those 30 minutes? (I am a HUGE fan of multi-tasking.)  I began to come up with a list of "Things to do during my commute."

  • Whiten my teeth. Don't most strip require 30 minutes? Perfect! 
  • Pray. Thought I like to concentrate when I pray and that may be hard to do in 5 o'clock traffic. But I could try it out. 
  • Of course, listen to music. And more specifically, KLove. Because if I can't pray, I can at least worship with song. 
  • Catch up with friends. I'm thinking I can start calling friends who have moved and get back in touch with them. A solid 30 minute conversation can go a long way. (I've got my eye on you Brooke and Lindsay! And Lauren, though I already keeps tabs on you.) 
  • I really wish I had a third hand. Then I could like paint my nails or something?! (BIG fan of multi-tasking)
  • I could blog? With my new iPhone, I can use the talk to text feature and just speak my blogs and they write themselves! I should probably give this a test run while the car is in park. 

That's all the ideas I came up with for now.
What do you on your drive home?

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