Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Celebrating the South- Game Day

Linking up with Leslie at Blonde Ambition again today! I love the south! 

Today's topic Celebrating Southern is all about Fashion and Game Day attire. I won't lie or pretend; I am not a fashion guru. I do match most days and own cute clothes, but I am not a think-outside-of-the-box-fashion-gal. SO, I'll stick with Game Day Attire, because that is one thing I DO know about! My absolute favorite thing to wear is a team jersey. I know that is not very "cute" or really all that "fashionable," but it is true team spirit! I love it and it is comfy. :) 

I dug through some old photos and found some of my favorite team paraphernalia!

I'll be the first to admit the earrings in the top left picture should be banned. Yikes.  
As you can see I really like to wear jerseys. You can't see in the pictures, but I try to pair them with different bottoms and shoes. Skinny jeans, black leggings, shorts, pinstripe shorts, brown leather boots, western boots, navy Toms- all have been worn with the jerseys.

Other fashion celebrated in Louisiana, other than game day:
  • Fluer de Lis- they are taking over! I have always loved them, but they are starting to be a bit too "trendy" for me. 
  • cut off shorts and boots
  • sundresses
  • PEARLS - never leave home without them!
  • diamonds - ok this isn't a Southern thing, it's a woman thing. But still...
  • The poof! But NOT Snookie style. 
  • Wedges
That's all I can really think of. Like I said, I am no fashion expert, but I can usually tell what looks good and what doesn't. I am sure there are other girls out there with extensive lists on fashion do's and don'ts of the South.


  1. Awww awesome! I agree with you on the Fluer de Lis are getting way over done. Even here in my small town. Our town logo has one in it so all women want to wear them here.

    I love that you are a jersey girl - I am too for NFL. I haven't purchased a Tide jersey simply because the players change so much.. it's hard to choose. :)

  2. And you're in Alabama...think what it is like in Louisiana with the fluer de lis!! what makes it worse is they cover the fluer de lis in rhinestone! That is just too much for me.

    You can go to Dick's or Academy (or any sporting goods store) and buy a jersey that doesn't have a name on it! My LSU jersey has number 8 but no name! I even bought a kids X-Large (or maybe XX-L) so it was cheaper! :)

  3. I love the cute yellow LSU gameday dresses in the top photo! Keep my site in mind next time you are searching for a cute gameday dress!