Friday, July 27, 2012

Confessional Friday

I was planning on writing a blog about a bunch of random, but Leslie at A Blonde Ambition is having a Confessional Friday link up. So why not, I'll link up! 

1. I confess I do love these link ups. When my mind wanders on what to write about, they help me focus. 

2. We have stayed in the new house for 2 nights now. I confess, I haven't slept well in the new bed and surroundings. I think my body thinks it is on vacation or staying in a hotel. Just not use to it yet!  

3. I confess that I all of my shoes are still stuffed in bags at the new house. :( This weekend is dedicated to finish moving everything and organizing the closet. 

4. I confess that my husband's side of the closet looks better than mine. :(

5. I confess that Chris and I behaved like an old married couple last night. We put the sprinkler out in the yard, together. Carried the trash to the curb, together. Hung up his clothes, together. Put the sprinkler and the water hose up, together. And then crawled in bed and watched tv, together.

6. I confess that I am ok with everything in number 5. :) 

Thank Goodness It's Friday!! 

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