Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Like Christmas Eve

You know that feeling of anticipation and excitement that you can just hardly stand! You know, like Christmas Eve? You just can't wait for tomorrow to get here! Well, tonight feels like Christmas Eve to me because tomorrow Chris and I will be spending our first night in our new house!!

*Insert picture of our beautiful front porch and door, with my beautiful blue and white hydrangea wreath that I hung this weekend. Yeah, picture that in your mind, because I forgot to take a real picture...*

But, tomorrow is the night! I am so excited! We closed on Friday and became official homeowners! Wahoo! All of our new furniture is being delivered tomorrow. And the best part is I don't even have to be there! Chris will be home from the rig, so he will be there to take care of everything! Including DirectTV when they come, and AT&T! Yay!!! I hate having to sit around and wait on appointments.

I am so thankful for everything God has provided for us! It almost leaves me speechless when I think about how fortunate Chris and I are. Sure we have worked hard to be able to buy a home, but we are so blessed to have what we have.

I have already made several trips to the new house with my car packed slap full! And there is still a lot to go! You really become aware of how blessed you are when you have to start moving and unpacking. Whew! I am just now being able to open so many of our wedding gifts!!! I can't believe how generous people were!! We are so grateful!! My two favorite gifts to rediscover: 1- the spice rack and 2- the waffle maker! Who actually owns a waffle maker?! I do!!! :)

For the past many moons, our stuff has been stored in my parents pool house. I swear we're not hoarders....

Looking to the right. 
Looking out of the kitchen.
Looking into the "kitchen"

I swear we are not hoarders!!! I will say the pinkish couch in the picture is not ours. But just about everything else is. I know it is insane, but like I said, we are not hoarders; we are just blessed! I think it may look worse than it actually is....maybe? 

We are just so ready to move from this chapter of our lives, to living and thriving in our own home! I am sure I will have many tales to tell from the new place!!


  1. So excited for you...and I think I know that pinkish couch!

  2. So exciting!!! Moving/living out of boxes is definitely stressful. But it's going to be so exciting to unpack everything and get it set up!