Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Market Restaurant

Friday night, Chris got called into work for a 12 hour night shift in the lab. Yuck. So that left me with mom and dad for dinner plans. After much back and forth about where we should go, we decided to try The Market Restaurant.  And we will never be returning. 

Ok, that sounds harsh, but let me explain. The food was delicious. Really it was excellent. Well mine and mom's chicken was. Dad got the ribeye, and he said it was marginal. BUT THE SERVICE WAS TERRIBLE. 

But I got of ahead of myself there. Let me start from the beginning... 

We pulled in and there were several cars outside, which there are rarely cars there so we thought this was a good sign. We walked in -t here was one person sitting at a table and not another soul in sight. No one to greet us, no hostess, no bar keeper, no nobody. So, we just decide to sit at one of the many available tables. After a good 5-7 minutes sitting there another couple walked in, this must have not been their first time, because they knew to go to a door in the back of the room and once you go through that door....there is the dining room! Ok, so we found the dining room, whew.  

We sat and sat and sat. We saw one male waiter walking around but he never stopped at our table. Eventually he did and took our drink orders....then he brought the drinks....then we got menus. Yeah, in that order. Any who, we finally ordered - me and mom chicken dish and dad the ribeye. it just became comical at some point. Our waiter seemed totally confused every time we talked to him. 

Sundried tomato and goat cheese stuffed chicken breast - Organic chicken breast stuffed with sundried tomatoes and goat cheese served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. 
He finally told us that the other server just didn't show up and he was the only one. So I cut him a little slack, but why wouldn't he have introduced that information at the beginning of the meal? He had zero since of urgency or concern that he had 5 tables of customers. 

Another point of concern, at one point "Karen," the owner, came out of the kitchen. She walked directly passed our table to see a friend. ALL THREE of our glasses were completely empty. Not just no water or tea, I'm talking completely empty. We had eaten all of our ice as well! We were parched! She then passed our table again and walked back into the kitchen. Karen, your staff is dying out here! Fill up our glasses! 

I also saw at least 4 other employees wandering about the restaurant. None of them managed to help out our poor waiter (who never introduced himself, so I don't know his name). Well one lady did, or she tried. Clearly she was meant to stay in the kitchen because she didn't have manners. 

The menu was very small and limited, but I guess that is expected when it is a weekly menu. 

Delicious chicken and veggies, marginal steak and horrible service = no return visit. Somehow, I don't think they will be around much longer any way.

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