Thursday, July 19, 2012

Celebrating the South - Weddings

Again, linking up with Leslie at Blonde Ambition, celebrating Southern. 

Ah, weddings. Weddings are a big deal in anyone's life, but in the South they can be all out epic events.

I've blogged a little about my wedding, but don't think I have shared a lot of the wedding photos taken by the pro.

In my opinion Southern weddings have a couple things in common:
  • They are all full of traditions. Whether it be family tradition that you, your mom and your grandma did, or a new tradition or a local tradition. They are always present. 
  • A true Southern wedding is full of laughter, charm, class and a good time. 
  • Southern weddings are either 1- really short (Baptist ceremony) or 2- realllllllly long Catholic ceremony.
  • Southern weddings are HOT! I don't care if it is December... it will be hot. 
My wedding was filled with lots of friends and family. We had great music playing and of course, sweet tea as our beverage.

I love looking back to our wedding day. We'll have our one year anniversary coming up soon!! 

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    Your wedding was gorgeous!
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