Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fish fry!

I love fish fries. A good fish fry has similar qualities of a good crawfish boil. You're just in a good mood and enjoying good food and company. 

Dad went and picked up the bad boy below, so we can start doing some serious fish fries! We fried fish last weekend, and I wouldn't say it was a disaster, but things just did not go right. So Dad broke down (really, there was no convincing needed) and bought this Cajun Fryer - which just so happens to be made right down I-20 in Homer, LA. But we picked ours up at Bass Pro.

Brand new fryer!
I believe total cook time for french fries, fish and hush puppies was 15 minutes, maybe. It only took the grease about 10 minutes to heat up and then we were in business. My favorite part- everything is cooked SO quickly, Dad doesn't have time to eat all the french fries before we actually sit down at the table! Woo! 

Looking forward to many more fish fries when Dad gets the new patio and deck built! 

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